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Upcoming Events 2017

 CPR Certifcation

Obtain your CPR certification for Adult, Child, and Infant through the American Heart Association.

This course will be taught by a Certified CPR instructor.
This is an American Heart Association accredited course.
The instructor has been an active instructor for over 15 years. She currently uses St. Joseph's hospital as her training center and also trains independently in the area. She also has certification through the National Safety Council for CPR and first aid to meet OSHA compliance. During the day, she is a program manager with the health department's tobacco prevention program and she was a teacher for 18 years.

If you have children or work with children, I highly recommend you become certified! Even if you don't this is still a really important area to be trained in. YOU could save a life!

$25 for the class, which includes the cost of your 2 year certification cards. This will also cover the cost of equipment and copies/handouts for participants. Cash or checks will be accepted.
Max 10 attendees. We reserve the right to cancel class if we don't have enough interest. Please call 727-767-0564 to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, October 24th

​6:00 pm

At Happy Healthy Spine

Cost: $25


HypnoBirthing Class with Andrea

​​Expecting? Want to expect a more comfortable, empowered birth?

In this 5-session class you and your partner learn self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, and a philosophy of birthing that has been most recommended by OBGYN's and Midwives for over 30 years!

Series begins on: Thursday, October 12th


At Happy Healthy Spine


For more information: http://www.hypnobirthingtampabay.com/

 email: andrea@hypnobirthingtampabay.com

Mother's Morning Out


Come mix and mingle with other parents while enjoying snacks. Bring the kiddos along for this fun filled morning.

This event is free for all!

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded Mothers, Fathers, and caregivers while learning about different things that are beneficial for both you   and your children. Bring other moms, dads, and caregivers you know that would be interested.

 -All ages welcome!

- We will have giveaways as well!

 Hosted by:
Dr. Shannon Whitlock of Happy Healthy Spine is a family wellness chiropractor. Feel free to discuss with her the benefits of chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as for developing babies and children. Does your child suffer from colic/reflux latching difficulties, torticollis, growing pains, ear infections, difficulty sleeping, asthma, allergies, or headaches? Dr. Whitlock can explain how chiropractic can help.

Special NEW PATIENT offer for all who attend our meet ups.



At Happy Healthy Spine

Questions? Call Dr. Shannon 727-767-0564

Great Exploration's Children Museum

Happy Healthy Spine

Baby Massage


Join us to learn massage tips and routines .

This class is great for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings as well. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.
All class participants will be given opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback / suggested adaptations of techniques.
Massage oil and instructional materials will be provided.

Class cost is $10.00 per family.


  Cost: $10 per family 


  St. Petersburg, FL

   Instruction provided by:



   For registration information contact:

   Debbi Courtney 727-744-9411

Toddler Massage Basics

This class provides parents and caregivers with an introduction to the benefits and techniques of toddler massage.
We will practice massage routines for several common causes of discomfort as well as developmental movements and massage activities for the growing child. This is a one time class.

Date : TBD
Time : 10:30 am

at Happy Healthy Spine.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Participants will receive massage oil as well as instructional materials,

Space is limited. Please contact us for registration information.
Debbi Courtney 727-744-9411

Baby Sign Language  Class

Educating Young Minds - a baby sign language  class for parents/caregivers of infants and toddlers! This is a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver and Me class, that is designed for the parents/caregivers  to learn, to incorporate sign language into their everyday life.

New 8-week series starting in JANUARY!
Learn how to communicate with your baby, before they are verbal, using sign language! This is an 8-week series that will give you the tools and resources, to help you learn how to effectively communicate with your little one!

You will learn about 125 signs, and will receive a manual with music CD to keep. Cost is $175.

Teach  baby sign language to hearing children using 100% ASL signs to help parents to communicate with their babies, before they can speak. Our classes are full of fun and energy and are filled with music, games, books and more!

To register, email maria.gagnon@mysmarthands.com

Series begins: TBD

Every Monday at 10:30am

Cost: $175 per family

at Happy Healthy Spine

1955 1st Ave N suite #104
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Instruction provided by: My Smart Hands with Maria
To register, email maria.gagnon@mysmarthands.com


Happy Healthy Birthing Professionals Unite

Are you a professional that works with pregnant mamas and/or child? Doulas, midwives, OBs, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, pediatricians, massage therapists, nutritionists, etc. Join us for a fun filled evening out. Enjoy healthy snacks as you mix and mingle with other like minded health professionals.  Grab your business cards and a fellow birthing professional friend. 
Please invite anyone that you think would be interested in attending. 



Cost: Free

at Happy Healthy Spine
1955 1st Ave N suite #104
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

For registration contact:

Dr. Shannon Whitlock 727-767-0564