Chiropractic Success Stories

"I was about 8 months pregnant and for some reason unknown, my tailbone was out of whack. When I say painful, I REALLY mean painful. I couldn't even sit to drive to take my children to school. Dr. Shannon made a house call and within 2 days I was better. She also was my go to my whole pregnancy, LIFE SAVER. It's amazing what chiropractic can do! "

"I called Dr. Whitlock's office in desperation when I was 34 weeks pregnant and what I had feared most my midwives had just confirmed. My 2nd baby... My vbac baby was OP! This is what I was told was the main reason my first baby was a csection. My midwife had been telling me for weeks, not to recline and I listened, baby however, did not. Needless to say I was hysterical crying for many reasons on the phone with the office. Despite my unpleasant introduction of myself to the practice, I received nothing but warmth and welcome upon setting up my first appointment. When I arrived THAT WEEK!!! I had my highly spirited 2.5 year old with me and to my supreme happiness they not only had a wonderful play area, but Sydney offered to hang out with my daughter while I was evaluated and adjusted. This is so important to note because it allowed me to relax and pay attention to Dr. Whitlock who I immediately respected! She didn't just evaluate me, she educated me and helped me to understand and learn the importance of the Webster method. She introduced me to spinning babies which I began using their exercises religiously and I came to her twice a week to try to rotate this baby! By week 39 the midwives gave me news again that made me cry but this time for a good reason, my baby was now in the perfect position and ready for her journey into the world! Dr. Whitlock's attention to details, professionalism and compassion helped me to achieve my life goal... Ava Elizabeth, born VBAC on Oct 25th. I truly do not believe this would have been possible without the care of Shannon, I have since become a regular and Ava enjoys her regular adjustments as well!"

"Dr. Whitlock is absolutely amazing! I don't know what I would have done without her when I was pregnant. She knew exactly what was causing me to be uncomfortable and fixed it every time. Not only did she help me tremendously, she is the ONLY chiropractor I would let adjust my 4 children and husband. She truly has every patient's best interest at hand and I would highly recommend her to every man, woman and child!"

"Dr. Whitlock and her staff are very sweet and engaging with my kids, which we really appreciate. And I always feel better after each appointment."

"I wanted to let you know that you were very professional and I was very impressed with how thorough you were in your assessment of my complaints. I know it's early but last night was the best sleep that I've had in months. Also the Webster technique that was performed helped out tremendously. My baby has always been positioned in such an awkward transverse way that sometimes it would make it very uncomfortable.  His head is no longer jabbing my right side and almost seems like he's in a more vertical position."

"Dr. Whitlock helped to treat me when I was pregnant with R and aided in getting him flipped from breech position @ 38wks!"

"He flipped after receiving chiropractic adjustments! Yay! Less low back pain and hip pain as well"

"Dr. Whitlock is AMAZING! I'm so happy to have her here in St. Pete...not only for myself, but she's great with my kids. Her passion for healthy living is inspiring".

​5 month old baby came in to the office with a history of chronic ear infections, acid reflux, (spitting up at least 15x/day), and poor sleep. After the first adjustment with Dr. Shannon, the parents reported that the baby only spit up once in a week, is sleeping better, and had a visit to the pediatrician, whom reported ears are clear (free from infection).

Happy Healthy Spine